NEW YORK — JetBlue hosted the 10th annual plane pull competition at the airline’s hangar in New York-JFK International Airport on May 21, 2019.

JetBlue’s crew members, local law enforcement, and the British Metropolitan Police came together to raise awareness for JACK (Joining Against Cancer in Kids).

JACK is an organization that provides funding for research and treatment options in the UK, and offer advice and support for families with children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

JACK was set up in 2008 by Rickard and Yvonne Brown, both officers with the British Metropolitan Police, to help fund research after their son Jack was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2004.

JetBlue was helpful in the cause by providing transportation for Jack during his treatment in the US. Unfortunately, Jack passed away in 2009, but fundraising continues in his memory to support other families.

For this year’s competition, nineteen teams competed to pull an Airbus A320 for 100ft in the least amount of time.

The Brits vs. Yanks competition always heats the event, not only creating a healthy rivalry but also bringing together strength from both sides of the Atlantic to raise money and create awareness for JACK.

The Yanks have won the competition for eight consecutive years. And this year was no exception. On Tuesday, they clinched the ninth win, as the US team from the Nassau County Corrections pulled the plane in 27.66.

Also, on hand, were a group of school kids from MS 88 located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

JetBlue and the school have an ongoing relationship—MS 88 was previously awarded a grant from the airline, which focuses on STEM and aviation education. The kids did not participate in pulling the plane, but they had a great time interacting with all that was on hand.