MIAMI – Jet2 (LS) is preparing to cut 482 jobs linked with Cabin Crew and Crew Pilots, according to a staff letter. The action follows a recovery plan due to the fallout of the pandemic.

Alongside the job dismissals, Jet2’s flying program for the rest of 2020 and for 2021 will be reassessed and reduced, said airline’s CEO, Steve Heapy.

Photo: Thomas Saunders.

Status of redundancies

While Heapy mentioned in the internal memo a proposal for 380 redundancies for Cabin Attendants on a seasonal fixed-term contract, Pilot dismissals have to be negotiated with the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA).

The Cabin Crew is not represented by unions, in contrast with PIlots. However, the airline is set to cut 102 Pilot positions, according to UK Aviation News. The reason behind these cuts is that LS has reduced its flying operations.

Regarding this, BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton said, “This is yet more evidence… of the freefall in aviation, and the knee-jerk way airlines are responding, especially as lockdown is gradually being eased.”

Strutton also noted that affected Pilots had recently moved to the company due to their job loss at Thomas Cook. Besides being one of “our least union-friendly airlines,” he expects good faith in negotiations with the carrier.

Photo: Thomas Saunders.

Arline reactions to the layoff

Heapy stated that he cannot tell how much the airline regrets these and other necessary proposed redundancies.

In addition, a spokesperson for the carrier said that even when LS has “every confidence” that it will “bounce back” from the “unprecedented currently demands” that it has, it “sadly” had to make difficult decisions.

The UK-based airline has played an important role, especially at airports in the North with an increment in operations, which has allowed LS to hire more staff in the last two years.

Nonetheless, the pandemic inevitably changed the picture.

Due to this, BALPA representatives, Strutton called on the Government to step in with a request for a job cuts moratorium and a strategic support package to help the UK commercial aviation industry.