JAL 737-846
JAL Boeing 777. Photo: Kochan @dose.of.aviation

MIAMI – Japan Airlines (JAL) announced on June 18 that it will further increase its domestic flight offerings in July. During June, a 20% recovery is expected, and in the first half of July, 40%.

At the peak in May 24- June 13, JAL reported a 72% reduction in flights flown within Japan. These numbers include all flights operated by the JAL Group.

In comparison, between July 1-16 JAL Group expects a reduction of only 47% in its normally scheduled flights. Some unused passenger aircraft will be used to fly cargo-only flights.

A flight schedule with a reduction this low has not been seen since the beginning of April. In the week of April 5 to 11, there was only a 39% reduction.

JAL 777-346ER
JAL Boeing 777. Photo: Kochan @dose.of.aviation

International Offerings

For JAL’s international offerings, there is no recovery yet in sight. On June 10, the airline reported that it would only fly 7% of its international schedule for the whole month of July.

Locations such as Oceania, Gimpo, Busan, and Hawaii/Guam will not have any passenger services. The reduction affects every single route flown by JAL. Some reductions are already stated to also affect August 1.

On top of the reduced international offerings, JAL will fly 960 cargo-only flights using passenger aircraft.