LONDON – The JAL Group yesterday at an event showed off the new livery and uniforms for their new start-up low-cost carrier “ZIPAIR”.

The JAL group announced the new airline last month when it said it was looking to break into the growing low-cost market.

The announcement came shortly after competitor airline Cathay Pacific confirming that they would be purchasing HK Express, which is expected to be completed by December 31.

The livery its self is basic yet elegant, it will show off the carriers corporate symbol on its tail with a grey background while having a thin green line straight down the side of the fuselage “where one can imagine the aircraft flying straight toward the destination like an arrow.”

The design of it is a sign that they are keen to hold a sense of continuity in how the name matches the logo. This is clear in how they describe the livery.

The Uniforms again follow a similar format, designed by fashion designer Taro Horiuchi.

Taro has designed everything from the pilot’s uniforms down to the ground crew, with the design incorporating many items.

The carrier said: “staff can dress according to the work content, weather, mood and physical condition of the day, where it is possible to combine a large number of items. In addition, sneakers were adopted for the shoes, where ease of movement and reduction of fatigue were prioritized.

“By allowing one to freely coordinate their uniform as with everyday clothing, the company believes that the staff will be able to work with more intensity. “

“By introducing new uniforms that pursue beauty, we aim to maximize the performance of our employees and lead to improved service to our customers.”

Uniform’s design
the first one on the left : Pilot
the others : Cabin Attendant/Ground sraff

The JAL Group said that the name “Zipair Tokyo” comes from a local based creative agency called Six Inc.

JAL said that the name brings the English phrase “to zip”, with them saying that Tokyo was added to the LLC’s name. “As the airline will be based in one of the most advanced cities in the world.”

JAL Group confirmed that the new startup had applied for its air operator’s certificate last month which has specified that the airline will be operating two Boeings 787-8 Dreamliners initially on its route network which on launch will be from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok, Seoul Incheon and Suvarnabhumi airports.

The two aircraft which are being given to the LLC are coming from Japan Airlines and will be re-fitted with a new higher density cabin layout when compared to JAL’s current 186 or 161 seat configurations.

The new LLC carrier has also confirmed their plans to target U.S west coast destinations from Narita, but will initially focus on the much closer and shorter routes into the Asian market.

This news will not be welcome to U.S carrier Delta Air Lines who use and operate out of Narita as a Hub for access to the Asian market and it’s U.S west coast hubs.