MIAMI – Today, a Japan Airlines (JL) Boeing 777 en route from Naha to Tokyo reported engine trouble and made an emergency landing at Naha Airport (OKA) in Okinawa.

According to OKA, there are no reported injuries at this time. There were 178 passengers and 11 crew members on board.

The aircraft can be seen being towed from the runway to a gate, with a missing engine cover on the left engine. There also seems to be an engine blade missing.

Flight JL 904 was operated by a 23 year old Boeing 777 with registration JA8978 and took off at approximately 11:45AM local time. The aircraft had just completed the Tokyo to Naha leg.

It is currently unclear what caused the issue, or what the specific issue was with the aircraft. We can expect a full report by Japan Airlines on the incident in the future.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777 Landing at HND | Photo: Kochan Kleps

JA8978’s History

JA8978, a Boeing 777-200, is a 23-year-old aircraft, originally being delivered to Japan Air Systems in 1997.

After Japan Air Systems and Japan Airlines merged, the aircraft was put into operation for Japan Airlines Domestic, in order to help offset their aging domestic Boeing 747 fleet.

The aircraft then joined Japan Airlines’ fleet in 2006, and has been operating domestic flights within Japan. The airline currently operates 18 of the aircraft type.

Featured image: Kochan Kleps/Airways