MIAMI – The international airline alliance SkyTeam has accepted ITA Airways (AZ) Italy’s newest national carrier, as a member, succeeding Alitalia.

SkyTeam’s 700 million clients will continue to profit from seamless connectivity to important destinations across Italy with the addition of ITA Airways.

“The Italian market has been a backbone of SkyTeam’s European network for more than 20 years, and no other airline partnership links Italy to the rest of the world better than SkyTeam.”

He added that they heartily embrace ITA Airways’ choice to join our alliance, which will assure continuous operation for the millions of customers who pick SkyTeam as their preferred partner for travel to Italy. “SkyTeam and our members are excited to be working with ITA Airways in the future to develop long-term collaboration opportunities,” said Walter Cho, Chairman of SkyTeam.

“Joining SkyTeam is a natural move for us, allowing us to keep delivering the worldwide network and quality experience that passengers traveling to and from Italy expect,” said Alfredo Altavilla, ITA Airways’ Executive Chairman. We look forward to working together with our SkyTeam partners to help our company, the Italian flag carrier, get off the ground.”

Photo Credit: Alberto Cucini/Airways.

Alitalia’s Exit

On October 14, Alitalia halted operations and exited the SkyTeam global airline alliance. SkyTeam and Alitalia Loyalty have decided to prolong their cooperation, which will allow the MilleMiglia frequent flyer program’s six million members to earn and redeem points on selected SkyTeam members’ flights, providing a variety of options and exclusive services. 

ITA Airways is also collaborating with SkyTeam and its members to bring SkyTeam-branded perks to consumers across the alliance, such as priority airport services.

Featured image: SkyTeam/ITA Airways