MIAMI — On January 28, Interjet became the first Mexican airline—and one of the earliest ones in Latin America—to welcome the new Airbus A321neo to their fleet. It is the first of eight that will be delivered in 2018.


The plane arrived at the airline’s base, Toluca International Airport, at 13:30. The new A321neo (XA-JOE • MSN 7939) departed the Airbus facility in Hamburg all the way to Mexico via Keflavik in Iceland, and Bangor in the US, operated by Interjet pilots.


At the arrival, the A321neo made a low pass above Toluca’s Runway 15 and was greeted with the traditional cannon salute made by the Airport’s Rescue and Firefighting Squad. The airline’s crew exhibited the Mexican flag as the plane taxied to the platform.


The neo product is the latest variant, with new engines, of the A320 Family. The plane flies more efficiently and is more environmentally-friendly, reducing at least 15% fuel consumption than its predecessor. According to Airbus, all neo aircraft will help emit five thousand tons of carbon dioxide less every year.

The European plane manufacturer has stressed that the neo family also reduces significantly noise levels, generating about 50% less noise than those made by current aircraft.


Spotlight: A321neo

The A321neo has the same dimensions of the A321ceo, except for the LEAP-1A CFM engines that are much larger in diameter and offer up to 35 thousand pounds of thrust. Interjet’s first A321neo keeps the same livery, which had already been modified to suit the A321ceo of the company.

A configuration that does not sacrifice the comfort of passengers. PHOTO:

This new aircraft is able to seat up to 240 passengers. However, Interjet is famous for offering its passengers a spacious cabin with just 192 seats of Slim Italian design.

The seats are distributed in 34 rows, offering 34 inches (86 centimeters) of pitch, and 18 inches (45 centimeters) in width. Other airlines often fit the A321 with 40 rows instead.

Each seat can be reclined between 4 and 5 inches and has adjustable headrests for greater comfort during the flight.

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The A321neo has three lavatories: one in the front of the aircraft and the remaining two in the back. These lavs are full size, contrary to what other airlines offer in the galley. As other Interjet planes, the company offers an exclusive toilet for women.

While other airlines have decided to remove screens and entertainment service, the new A321neo has one of the latest entertainment systems that incorporate 12-inch high definition screens, which are 15% lighter than the conventional ones to save fuel without sacrificing the service.


The new Interjet plane is also ready to accept a full Wi-Fi wireless network installation. The network, furnished by Panasonic, will allow passengers to remain connected, send emails and use social media while in-flight.

Commonality with the A320

The A321neo’s Flight Deck is virtually identical to the A320. There are only changes in weight, dimensions, and limitations; an essential feature for pilots who just take a course on the ground to identify the differences.

It highlights the Sidestick that works with Fly-by-Wire systems, the Airbus trademark that was introduced with the A320 Family.

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Additionally, there is a monitoring system where pilots, through cameras, can see what is happening in all areas of the aircraft, having control of the passenger cabin, essential for better decision making.