MIAMI – India’s IndiGo (6E) states its interest in using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for its large fleet of aircraft. The airline has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an international unknown SAF provider.

Under a report called “IndiGo Green”, the airline emphasized the importance of transition towards SAF and the current difficulty in its production. It also stated its activity in talking to major global SAF providers for potential use.

“The utilization of SAF commercially is still a few years away but as a leader in Indian aviation, we have already embarked on this journey by signing our first MoU with an international SAF provider,” IndiGo stated.

The airline hosts the largest fleet of aircraft within the Indian market, it constantly sees new aircraft being delivered. But the core idea of the incoming aircraft is solely to replace its existing fleet of A320ceo’s and not a rapid expansion. 6E wants to severely cut down the use of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) to reduce carbon emissions. It’s also working on route optimization and also onboard weight reduction actions.

A bold statement from the airline mentioned it had saved nearly half a million tonnes of aviation turbine fuel between FY 14/15 to 20/21. It also shared its ambition to bring down its carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by 18% (ASK) per seat kilometer.

ASK is a tool of measurement for passenger-carrying capacity which is calculated by multiplying the total number of available seats in a specific flight to its total number of kilometers flown.

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

IndiGo Fleet and Expansion

At the moment IndiGo’s fleet size stands at 274 aircraft – 29 ATR-72-600, 122 Airbus A320neo, 83 Airbus A320ceo, and 40 Airbus A321neo. For nearly every delivery, the airline retires an old bird – an “Efficiency is key” approach.

IndiGo is a rock-solid airline with a plan always in mind. Although the current pandemic has caused a negative remark on its financial card, the airline holds a superior majority in the world’s fastest-growing aviation market.

Post pandemic recovery will see the airline deploy its A321 neo across Asia, ME, and East Europe. With its solid track record in the south Asian region, the airline is expected to hold and grow its position as one of the world’s most efficient airlines.

Indigo F-WWIA Airbus A320Neo. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways