MIAMI – The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has suspended Cabo Verde Airlines (VR) from the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) due to its potential bankruptcy.

The minister of Tourism and Transportation of Cabo Verde, Carlos Santos, said at the beginning of April that the carrier could be closed due to the economic and financial effects of COVID-19. The airline has yet to make an official statement, reported of the halted operation.

No more ticketing

According to travel agencies, IATA requested them to immediately suspend all the ticketing activities issued by the airline, which includes the use of all automated systems of refunds and other transactions.

Further, the Association said that all pending settlements related to sales, refunds, and future operations, should be directly liquidated with VR.

Even though the company previously halted all its international flights from March 18 until July 1, its President and CEO, Erlendur Svavarsson, had claimed that VR would be ready to serve customers once the pandemic had passed. Alas, a still uncertain recovery period from the COVID-19 crisis has dealt a bad hand for VR.