Photo: Daniel Veronesi

MIAMI – IAG’s LEVEL (LV) Europe’s Austrian subsidiary has announced that it will be ceasing operations with immediate effect and filing for insolvency shortly thereafter.

The airline operated a fleet of six aircraft from its bases in Vienna and Amsterdam with two A320 and four A321.

And so, the carrier becomes another victim of what may be many to close their doors due to the fallout of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has caused airlines around the globe to store planes and reduce staff numbers to survive the weakened travel market.

As it stands, it is the only member of the LEVEL brand that is closing its doors, with LEVEL Spain and France remaining unaffected by today’s announcement and planning to continue operations as restrictions around the world continue to ease.

The airline said that it was unable to comment at this time on the next steps and is waiting for the administrators to provide more information in the near future.

LEvel OE-LCR Airbus A321-211. Wiki Commons.

The History of Anisec Luftfahrt

The airline Anisec Luftfahrt was launched back in November 2017 as a subsidiary of the Spanish airline Vueling and had planned to operate flights out of its Austrian base Vienna as “Vueling Austria” had IAG been successful in acquiring the at the time defunct airline Niki. 

This would not be the case after Niki was bought out by Niki Lauder and Ryanair, which later rebranded it into “Lauda”. This meant that IAG had to changes its plans.

Thus, Anisec Luftfahrt was placed under the Level brand and started its new fleet with acquired ex Airberlin Airbus A321s with the carrier launching flights on June 28 2018, later expanding its services up to 14 destinations from July 2017 to August 2018.

Looking at the future for LEVEL

The question now remains on what this announcement will mean for the Air Europa deal and how it benefit or affect it. IAG has currently not released any statements on this and so at this time, any comments remain as speculation.

The news is not a shock but is surprising, given the fact that in January 2019 LV had expected 2020 to be the year that it would see the growth and transformation of the brand that was needed to help cement its future in the very competitive European market.