Photo: Hi Air.

MIAMI – As part of its network expansion plans, South Korean regional airline Hi Air (4H) has purchased two ATR 72-500 aircraft, according to the ATR manufacturer.

The carrier was launched in December 2019 and already has two ATR planes in its fleet. The new deliveries will take place in August and October.

ATR did not mention in its statement the cost of the purchase; however, its Senior Vice President Commercial, Fabrice Vautier did bring up the importance of the jets acquisition for the improvement of domestic market.

Photo: Hi Air.

The ATR-72-500: a key aircraft

Vautier stated that regional connectivity is more vital than ever during this times, which is why it will be resilient. He added that this aviation segment has a key role to play in offering solutions amid the current crisis.

Regarding ATR 72-500 model, it burns 40% less fuel and emits 40% less CO2 than a comparable short-haul jet. According to Vautier, the aircraft has the “right blend of economics and operational versatility” to support carriers.

Furthermore, the performance of the jet will imply a more sustainable industry, especially during global recovery and post-COVID-19 times.

Photo: Hi Air.

Network expansion for Hi Air

According to the airline’s CEO, HyungKwan Youn, the selection and purchase of the first two ATR 72-500 aircraft last year to begin operations was important for 4H’s early success.

As the model proved to be “efficient, reliable” and offered passengers a “good in-flight experience,” the company decided to add two more jets to its fleet to increase its network.

During the pandemic, the carrier was able to maintain its operations. For the summer, it plans to launch services on five domestic routes, according to the statement.

Beyond the dismal 2020, the increment of 4H’s fleet will allow the company to expand its offering during its first year in the market.