LONDON – Switzerland-based carrier Helvetic Airways (2L) has signed a commitment with Embraer to upgrade the remaining four orders of its Embraer E2 aircraft.

Back in September 2018, the carrier purchased 12 E190-E2 aircraft with purchase rights for a further 12 and conversion rights to the E195-E2.

So this upgrade will see four of the remaining E2 jets converted into the E195-E2 itself.

Photo: Aviation Tribune

Comments from Helvetic Airways CEO

Commenting on the news was Tobias Pogorevc, the CEO of Helvetic Airways, who emphasized the great balance the manufacturer strikes with its aircraft.

“The Embraer E195-E2 strikes a good balance between seating capacity, range, fuel consumption and environmentally friendly operation. With between 120 and 150 seats, it has virtually no competition in the regional aircraft segment.”

“Operating a single fleet – in terms of the cockpit – with varying seating capacities will enable us to expand our organization’s operational flexibility and autonomy.”

Embraer has so far delivered five units to the carrier, with deliveries of the remaining seven aircraft, four of which being the E195-E2 due to be completed by the end of 2021, with the majority delivered by the first half of that year too.

Remaining valuations for the seven aircraft left to be delivered is at $480 million, with the list price of the deal with all purchase rights being exercised valued at $1.25 billion.

E195-E2 Profit Runner Livery

Comments from Embraer

Also commenting on the deal was Martyn Holmes, the VP for Europe, Russia and Central Asia at Embraer Commercial Aviation who discussed how Helvetic have benefited from the aircraft so far.

“Helvetic Airways is powered by a high performance culture, the airline already manages to deliver greater fuel and emissions efficiency from its current E2s than Embraer advertises; and the E2 is already the most efficient single-aisle aircraft family on the market”.

“Innovative and successful airlines operating our jets is the greatest advertisement for our aircraft, and acting now to ensure the best capacity diversity for their fleet sets Helvetic Airways up for further success, even in these challenging times.” 


The E195-E2

The E195-E2 that will be delivered to Helvetic are to be configured in a single-class layout of 134 seats, while the E190-E2s currently offer 110 seats.

Current seat pitch on offer for the E190-E2s with the carrier is between 31-33 inches, with the width remaining at a solid 18 inches.

Its unclear about the E195-E2 and what such dimensions will be under Helvetic, but more than likely, this will be the same in order to offer best comfort for its consumers.

Helvetic will also benefit from the E2 series, with it being operationally possible due to the commonality of both aircraft types allowing flight crews to operate across all E2 variants.


A Quieter Flight Experience

Finally, the carrier will benefit from 10% less fuel burn per flight, emitting 30% less CO2 per passenger as well as being 48% quieter than its original E1 fleet it has.

Overall, this is considerably good news for Helvetic as it means it is seeing demand increases, even in the wake of COVID-19.

The same goes for Embraer as it will be slightly more cash in the bank for it to use to cope with potential order cancelations down the line due to the pandemic.