MIAMI – Hawaiian Airlines (HA) has signed a long-term contract with Amadeus to handle its reservations, departure control, data intelligence, and payment processes.

In a press release today, the airline and Amadeus said that implementation of the Amadeus Altéa PSS suite will begin in Q1 2022 with targeted completion in 2023.

At the heart of the Amadeus Airline Platform is Altéa, an open technology platform built for innovation, agile collaboration, and simplified interactions. The system will help Hawaiian to offer superior service to its customers.

Hawaiian joins 200+ airlines who shape their operations and passenger experiences with Amadeus. The partnership will enable HA to:

  • Deliver a modern, efficient reservations solution for front-line employees. It will aid customers in purchasing, changing, and using services from the airline.
  • Provide airport staff with a new, modern user experience to simplify complex tasks. More time will be available to care for customers.
  • Connect to the Amadeus Payment Platform. This will allow the airline to integrate modern payment services to Altéa and provide new payment capabilities for its customers.
  • Equip its teams with modern, seamlessly integrated technology that provides real-time access to data insights.
Hawaiian Airlines N370HA Airbus A330-200. Photo: Mateo Skinner/Airways

Focused on the Passenger

“The past few years have been transformative for Hawaiian Airlines in many ways. We are on a path to take major steps in preparing for the future,” said John Jacobi, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Hawaiian Airlines. “We look forward to this expanded partnership that now includes Altéa PSS. It will increase our flexibility to introduce new products and allow us to create a great customer experience.”

“Amadeus is excited to welcome Hawaiian Airlines to our community. We are confident that our partnership will enrich Hawaiian Airlines’ customer and employee experiences, said Rajiv Rajian, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Americas, Amadeus.

“Over the past several years, we have built a close working relationship. And we are thrilled to begin a new chapter with Hawaiian Airlines. The Amadeus Airline Platform will deliver the technology to enable Hawaiian Airlines to deliver a superior traveler experience.”  

Hawaiian Airlines already uses Departure Control Flight Management, Amadeus’ load planning solution. As part of this expanded partnership, the airline will also implement Amadeus Departure Control Customer Management. 

Also, to help Hawaiian Airlines continue to be flexible and responsive to health and safety requirements, it will implement Traveler ID for Safe Travel, an Amadeus solution that allows passengers to verify their health documentation directly through the airline app or websites.

Additionally, HA will be connected to the Amadeus Payment Platform, ensuring they can provide their customers with a seamless payment experience.

Featured image: HAWAIIAN AIRLINES N395HA AIRBUS A330-200. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways