PHOTO: Airbus.

LONDON — Hawaiian Airlines has taken delivery of their first U.S-Produced Airbus A321neos this week from the manufacturer in Alabama. The carrier currently has two other of the type in their fleet but was delivered by Airbus from their Hamburg Delivery Center instead.

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This aircraft is also the first NEO aircraft delivered from the Alabama plant. The aircraft is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney PW1000G high-bypass geared turbofan engines.

Bob Lekites, Executive Vice President-Customers, Airbus Americas said, “Airbus understands the challenging airline marketplace and has continued to stay on the cutting-edge of developing and producing aircraft that exceed industry standards in safety, efficiency and reliability. Hawaiian has recognized the Airbus commitment to innovation and we could not be more proud to deliver on this promise to them with our first U.S.-manufactured A321neo aircraft.”

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“We are honored to accept the delivery of the first A321neo from the Airbus Manufacturing facility,” said Jon Snook, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Hawaiian Airlines. “The A321neo is the ideal aircraft for us to share our Hawaiian hospitality with more guests as we grow our Western U.S. network and provide greater access to our entire island chain. We look forward to more deliveries from Mobile.”

Hawaiian’s A321neo operations currently stem between Portland and Long Beach to Honolulu. As the carrier receives a total of 18 aircraft through 2020, they will be looking to announce additional routes between the U.S West Coast and the Hawaiian Islands especially with the A321neo aircraft that they have on their way.

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The carrier will benefit from the lower operating costs that the A321neo offers, with the NEO operating 15% more efficiently than the CEO version of the aircraft. By 2020, the aircraft will be operating up to 20% more efficient than the CEO variants respectively.

Airbus’ adage of “The Sun Never Sets on Airbus Manufacturing” is now starting to become more of a reality, with their Alabama and Tianjin plants now starting to ramp up production to the levels of Hamburg and Toulouse. They have now been able to position themselves on a significantly global scale where delivery times can be far less to customers around the world.