MIAMI — Hawaiian Airlines will cut flights between Honolulu and Sendai, Japan this September. The airline blames a weak Yen for the cut.

The airline currently operates flights to Sendai three times weekly. The flight then continues on to Sapporo, Japan, and then the flight returns back to Honolulu. Originally, the flight was between Honolulu and Sapporo when it started in 2012, but the next year, the airline added the stop in Sendai.

Now, the airline will operate flights to Sapporo without the stop.

“The weak yen has put downward pressure on dollar-based revenues,” said Hawaiian spokeswoman Ann Botticelli. “Larger markets have deeper pools of demand to offset the currency challenges. So the yen was a factor.”

Meanwhile, the airline was only able to fill approximately 35% of the seats on the flights to Sendai, but it was able to fill a lot more seats onward to Sapporo, according to USA Today.