MIAMI – It looks like things are taking off as planned at Hans Airways. The startup, which will serve secondary cities as it flies between the UK and India, is now recruiting.

A company press release says that the airline will partner with Swiss company Resource Group to recruit flight crews. Crew members must be hired so that the airline can continue working toward its UK Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The airline hopes to receive the AOC later this year.

Captains, First Officers, and Training Captains required to fly its planned fleet of A330-200s are on the list

“This recruitment agreement is a well-timed development as we prepare to launch our direct non-stop flights to India later in 2021,” says Nathan Burkitt, Director of Flight Operations and Crew Training. “It will allow the leadership team to focus on our launch preparations while at the same time filling the essential flight crew roles that we need.”

Hans Airways will fly the A330-200 between secondary cities in the UK and India. Image: Hans Airways.

The Opportunity

The airline sees a business opportunity in serving India diasporas in the UK and across Europe. It will focus on secondary cities not traditionally served by the majors. CEO Satnam Saini was instrumental establishing charter flights to one of these destinations with Monarch Airlines and Fly Jet Airlines.

Hans has had its application for its operating and route licenses to serve India published by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and is continuing to make advances with regard to securing its AOC. “We are getting ready for our proving flight in October as part of the process to obtain our AOC,” explains Burkitt. “We have determined a planned launch date internally, and we will make an announcement once all regulatory requirements are complete.”

Hans plans to operate using a hybrid business model. Per its website, it will “harness the ‘value for money’ approach adopted by low-cost carriers alongside the ‘quality of service’ approach expected from traditional full-service, long-haul airlines.”

The Aircraft

The airline is setting up the aircraft with a two-class configuration: Economy Plus and Economy. Both classes will feature a high-quality inflight entertainment system. A frequent flyer program is planned. Known as HAPEEI it gives passengers more than the normal benefits of a loyalty program. It also gives the opportunity to donate to children’s educational charities.”

The A330-200 is a shortened, longer-range variant, which entered service in 1998 with Korean Air. Typical range with 253 passengers is 13,400 km (7,240 nmi; 8,330 mi). This aircraft would be more than suitable on a typical UK-India flight that might fly between secondary cities such as Birmingham, England (BHX) and Hyderabad, India (HYD), 7,833 km (4,229 nmi; 4,867 mi).

Featured image: Hans Airways. Rendering of A330-200 for Hans Airways