DALLAS – Hans Airways, a two-year-old start-up airline based in the UK, has signed a letter of intent for its first aircraft, a leased Airbus A330-200.

The aircraft, to be leased from Carlyle Aviation Partners, was first delivered to Air Europa in 2008, and operated with the airline until 2018, and has since been stored at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Hans Airways, first founded in 2019, plans to offer a hybrid business model by offering low-cost fares while providing high-quality service found onboard full-service airlines. 

Such a business model has become popular, and successful, with airlines like JetBlue (B6) and WestJet (WS) being at the forefront of the hybrid airline model. 

This week, the airline also announced that it had welcomed its first batch of cabin crew and pilots for training.

Hans Airways, Air Logistics Group Executives

Connecting Indian Communities

The airline has identified the Indian community within the UK as its target market, with the Chief Executive Officer relying on his experience in organizing charter flights between the two countries.

According to the airline, it plans to operate flights between secondary-city pairs between the UK and India. The airline further identified Indian communities in the United States and Europe as possible markets to tap demand. Three destinations have been listed on the airline’s website, including Amritsar, a city located in Northwestern India, along with Birmingham and Milan. 

Air India (AI) operates flights between Birmingham and Amritsar once weekly, creating an opportunity for Hans Airways to operate more frequent flights between the cities. 

The airline’s planned loyalty program, HAPEEI (Hans Airways Passengers Environment Education Initiative), along with regular loyalty program incentives, will offer passengers the opportunity to donate to children’s charities in India.

Photo: Ioan Alonso Gil/Airways

Hans Airways’ A330-200

Hans Airways’ Airbus A330-200 will be fitted with 299 seats in a two-cabin layout, with 24 ‘Economy Plus’ seats and 275 seats in economy.

The airline will presumably be reusing the cabin from the Air Europa cabin, which includes the same seating breakdown. The economy seats will feature 31 inches of pitch, while the ‘Economy Plus’ seats will feature 56 inches of pitch.

For comparison, AI’s Boeing 787 aircraft’s economy class seats have 33 inches of pitch, with 74 inches of pitch in business class seats.

Speaking on its letter of intent, Hans Airways Chief Executive Officer, Satnam Saini said, “We are delighted to have achieved this very important milestone in our two-year journey,” 

He continued, “Our scheduled operations centre on the Airbus A330, a popular and spacious long-haul widebody, excellent for cargo too, and we are grateful to everyone who has helped us to ratify this agreement at the start of the new year.”

Featured Image: Hans Airways