MIAMI – Upstart Bulgarian airlines GullivAir (G2) has been awarded permission to launch US flights for a two-year period.

The permission, granted by the US Department of Transportation via the Foreign Air Carrier Permit and Exemption Authority (FACP) valid as of March 2, 2021.

The FACP will in essence allow G2 to fly both passengers and cargo in and out of the US.

New York JFK Airport from above. Photo: Brandon Van Acker

A Bulgarian Upstart

G2, privately-owned, currently has a fleet consisting of two leased Airbus A330-200 aircraft registered as LZ-ONE and LZ-AWY respectively with potential plans to eventually add an Airbus A330-300 along with three ATR72-600 aircraft.

The airline obtained a Bulgarian AOC on July 24, 2020, following the receipt of a Category A operator’s license in 2016 that was amended on September 25, 2020, allowing G2 to operate aircraft with over 20 seats while carrying over 10 tonnes.

G2, whose existing operations are centered around charters, will potentially begin flying to New York (JFK) with either scheduled or charter service.

Featured image: GullivAir Airbus A330 Photo: © GullivAir