MIAMI – Another startup airline from Hong Kong, Greater Bay Airlines (GBA), is out on the horizon and expects to start flights by 1 October this year – the date being of relevance as China’s national day.  

GBA, the airline is still awaiting its air operating certificate (AOC) and expects to have it ready by September. The airline has seen an amount of  US$32m being put into its financial tab to get things going.

The airline director Mr. Stanley Hui stated, “In a nutshell, the airline is taking shape.” Mr. Hui has been chief executive of the Airport Authority of Hong Kong and chief executive of Dragon Air (KA).

The inaugural flight is scheduled to be a charter flight to the capital city of Beijing although certainty remains in doubt as the country of China has put recent restrictions due to the latest wave of COVID cases on the rise in the region.

Greater Bay will connect Hong Kong to major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Wuhan. Earlier in January, GBA bid for a license to operate to more than 100 destinations across Asia with most being in mainland China.

“We are mindful that as a new airline, it takes time to build up a solid foundation. We are not rushing in to expand rapidly until we are ready.”

‘We will adjust our pace of development, taking into account market conditions, and to what extent, travel restrictions will be eased going forward.” Director of GBA, Hu stated.

The new airline will commence operations with a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft – one out of three already present in the fleet with a german registration D-AAGB. The certifying test flight is expected to be this month.

The particular region, especially Hong Kong, Shenzen, Guangzhou have seen significant growth in almost every aspect and a new airline would not be of extra service but to meet prevailing demand. GBA may be a mere competition to Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific (CX) and HK express (UO) initially but given the growth and demand in this region, the tables can turn anytime.

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