LONDON – At the annual European Airlines Business Seminar in Amsterdam, Embraer unveiled a new carrier, Great Dane Airlines, as the latest new operator of its E195 aircraft.

The airline is to begin operations from its base of Aalborg in Denmark in June, with two units of the aircraft type. The two units were purchased from carrier Stobart Air.

Commenting on the news of operation inauguration was Thomas Møller, the Founder, and CEO of the carrier. “Our mission is to provide the much-needed connectivity so far denied to Northern Jutland as these popular routes are too thin to support large narrowbody operations profitably.”

“Embraer’s expertise in regional operations and our common focus on ‘right-sizing’ makes their E-Jets the perfect solution to developing these routes,” Møller added.

When operations begin, Chania, Mallorca, Varna, and Rhodes, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Nice will be the first destinations in the carrier’s portfolio.

The first flight will be to Dublin, which currently has an inauguration date of June 21.

“Embraer’s range of commercial aircraft is specifically designed to offer the right-sized aircraft to develop new routes and markets, boosting connectivity; goals we share with Great Dane,” said Martyn Holmes, Embraer’s VP of Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

“Embraer is proud to welcome Great Dane Airlines to the ever-expanding base of E-Jets operators in Europe,” he said.

There isn’t much history to Great Dane Airlines, except that it was founded this year and that has already started operations with a little controversy.

Board member, Huy Duc Nguyen, had to resign his post following revelations that local media reported he had exaggerated his achievements on his resumé.

With that little element out of the way, Great Dane Airlines will be looking to penetrate both the regional and holiday markets between Denmark and the UK.

The Frame’s History

The first aircraft, registered as EI-GGC, was delivered to UK regional carrier Flybe back in October 2008 as G-FBEN.

The aircraft did a short stint with Channel Islands-based carrier, Aurigny, from March-July 2014 before returning to service in June 2015.

It was then stored and withdrawn from use in Exeter in March 2018 and was then transferred to the Irish registration in June that same year.

Photo by Bradley Bygrave via

The plane then operated under the Stobart name from that period until the aircraft handover to the Danish carrier today.

No details have emerged about which ex-Stobart/Flybe frame will be the second unit for Great Dane.

The Product’s Details

Configuration on the aircraft remains the same as it was with Flybe and Stobart, with an economy offering of 118 seats total.

Even then, the website from the carrier offers three different classes of the product within that configuration.

The first is economy, which gives you carry-on at a limit of 8kg, drink such as coffee, tea, and water onboard as well as cold service for “flights over 1.5 hours”.

Premium Economy will see the same amenities as Economy, but a checked case of 20kg and seat reservation.

Finally, there is Full Flex, which offers the same as Premium Economy but gives an option to change ticket details free of charge, as well as the fare being refundable should the flier need it.