MIAMI — No More Free Checked Bags on JetBlue. As of June 30, the airline introduced new fare options when booking tickets online, which include charges to checked bags, unless passengers pay for its premium fares.

Passengers purchasing Blue fare—JetBlue’s base fare—will now be charged $20 for the first checked bag when purchased during web check-in or at a kiosk, or $25 at the check-in counter, and a $35 fee for a second checked bag.

For JetBlue’s “Blue Plus” fares, one checked bag fee is included in the fare while the second checked bag fee is $35l. Blue Flex and Mint fares include two checked bags.

JetBlue will not charge the first bag fee for its flights to or from Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Colombia and Mexico. However, the $35 second bag fee and a $100 charge for any additional piece is in place, regardless of the fare.

The airline company, which claims to have the most legroom in coach of any U.S. airline, assured that its perks, including free snacks, soda and TV will remain in place.

According to the Department of Transportation, baggage fees brought almost $865 million for the U.S. airline industry during the first quarter. Delta Air Lines leads the list after collecting $198 million, while JetBlue reaped almost 22 million, standing in the 9th position.

After JetBlue’s move to start charging for bags, Southwest Airlines remains now as the sole major U.S. airline not tacking on checked bag fees… yet.