MIAMI – FlyLeOne, Italy’s new startup airline is finally born after more than 18 months of hard effort. FlyLeOne received its Italian AOC this week from the Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (ENAC), Italy’s civil aviation authority, bearing number IT.0192.

The first aircraft for the new airline is a Beech 1900D leased from ACIA and registered in Malta as 9H-MDM. The aircraft, which had been in storage and maintenance at Medavia’s Malta facility for the previous 12 months, had barely flown. It was transported to Toulouse, where it was painted in the FlyLeOne colors.

FlyLeOne. Photo Chris Cauchi/MAviO News

Beech 1900Ds out of Pescara

Ing. Stefano Costantini, the man behind FlyLeOne, explained to Chris Cauchi from MAviO News that the startup has set up a base in Pescara with flights to Lamezia Terme, Trieste, and Genova.

The company has agreements in place with a number of important travel agencies and has a large expansion plan. FlyLeOne is already in talks with Medavia to lease a second Beech 1900D, identified as 9H-AFH, according to the CEO. The airline has no plans to upgrade to larger turboprops, such as the ATR, which Costantini described as “expensive” for the FlyLeOne operation.

The aircraft will remain on the Maltese aircraft registration despite having an Italian AOC. Constantini commended the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate, praising Carl Tabone, Head of Airworthiness Inspectorate, and Connie Di Cesare, Airworthiness Inspector, for their exceptional job.

FlyLeOne. Photo Chris Cauchi/MAviO News


Plans are in the works to transition the AOC to TM-CAD (Transport Malta – Civil Aviation Directorate) in the future. The company already has four pilots on staff and has negotiated technical agreements to support the Beech 1900D with Kerozene and Northern Aerotech.

According to Cauchi, FlyLeOne’s arrival has already made waves in the Italian market, revealing that the Pescara-based airline has conducted conversations with paper carrier LitorAli and its CEO Captain Renato Bucciero about a prospective collaboration.

Featured image: FlyLeOne. Photo Chris Cauchi/MAviO News. Article Source: Chris Cauchi/MAviO News