MIAMI — On December 1, following an initial departure on from Singapore five days before, FlyBondi’s first Boeing 737-800 arrived at Cordoba Airport (COR) – where they plan to launch operations next month once they can receive their operator certificate (AOC).

The new Argentinean LCC initially planned to launch operations from El Palomar Air Force Base (EPA). However, the airport’s terminals are under construction so instead, they will launch flights from COR.

The airline’s first routes will be to Iguazu, Bariloche, and Mendoza; and once EPA becomes operational, they will start operating flights from there as well. 

Therefore, it was quite funny (and unique) to spot FlyBondi’s 737 at Buenos Aires Aeroparque, because they will never fly regularly from there. The airline has the rights to 84 routes, domestic and international.

The official act took place at AEP’s Main Terminal and after some words by FlyBondi’s CEO, Julian Cook, and Guillermo Dietrich,  Argentina’s Transport Ministry, the guests were invited to board a “Bondi” (aka: bus) to the remote position at AEP’s Military Apron, where the Boeing 737 LV-HKS was parked (after a ferry flight from COR the night before).

With a huge bottle of Champagne “Chandon” (and very much like a racecar driver celebrating a win), the plane was christened “Nelson”, after the CEO’s famous Dark Brown Labrador, which is always with his Master.

The following 737s will be also named after pets, and according to the airline, there will be an online competition to select the names when the airplanes arrive in Argentina. Those are expected to be LV-HFR (ex TC-SBG), LV-HFQ (ex C-FYLC) and LV-HKN (ex-HS-DBZ).

FlyBondi should be the first LCC in Argentina, operating a single fleet of Boeing 737-800s in a 189-seat configuration.

The term “FlyBondi” comes from the Argentinean slang term “Bondi” that locals refer to the public bus.

FlyBondi aims to eliminate the minimum air ticket fare that’s currently imposed by the Argentinean government and offer more consistent pricing, beating the long-haul bus fares that are currently in place throughout the country.

After the presentation, the plane was ferried back to Cordoba for the airline’s second event which will take place on December 6.

Once EPA is open to regular operations, a third event will be held there as well. In the meantime, FlyBondi will be flying “Nelson” to many Argentinean airports for advertising purposes.