MIAMI – The country of Armenia is all set to welcome its new flag airline named Fly Arna. The airline’s name has more to it; over 500 suggestions were taken into consideration through a “Name the Airline” competition that took place some two months ago.

“I thank everyone for their active participation in the contest. It is both inspiring and a sign of a shared vision of a successful endeavor we all aspire for the project,” said David Papazian, CEO of ANIF.

“Despite the current challenges of the pandemic, we are confident of the new opportunity that exists for “Fly Arna” to deliver a winning proposition that will benefit the nation and our people.”

The Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) and the Air Arabia Group – A low-cost carrier from the Middle East have aligned interests in a joint venture program to launch Armenia’s national airline –  Fly Arna.  

After a thorough review of all suggestions “Arna” was chosen as it forms the first letters of “Armenian National Airlines”

Adel Al Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, said: “The new name represents the aspirations of the people of Armenia and is the result of a national competition, underlining how the joint venture company prioritizes the interests of the community.

Zvartnots International Airport |

Further Details As of Now

The new national airline will operate as a low-cost airline with its primary base/hub at Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport (EVN). Fly Arna will apply for its AOC soon and will also reveal more information about its fleet, Route network, and intended launch date of operations.  

The new carrier will serve the “strategic vision of Armenia’s fast-growing travel and tourism sector as well as contribute to the country’s economic growth,” said the joint venture partners in an earlier statement.

Featured image: Photo by Shoval Zonnis from Pexels