MIAMI – Two female flight attendants from United Airlines have filed a complaint against the carrier. The lawsuit alleges UA hires young, predominantly blonde Crews to work the best routes, including sports team charters.

According to an analysis of the case by Bloomberg, the plaintiffs – a black woman with 28 years of experience and a Jewish woman with 34 years at UA – argue that the carrier makes the assignments “entirely dependent on their ethnic and physical characteristics, and stereotypical notions of sexual allure.”

United has arrangements to provide air transport for nearly three dozen National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Collegiate Athletic Association teams, the lawsuit claims. Both plaintiffs say they tried to get assigned to the charter flights repeatedly and unsuccessfully.

United Airlines Flight Attendant video.

Special Charter Flight Perks

According to the Bloomberg analysis cited by, attendants working on those flights gain more and enjoy better lodging. They also often get tickets for games, including playoff and the Super Bowl, and infield passes that are “highly valuable.”

Flight Attendants Sharon Tesler and Kim Guillory said bosses had told them they could not get work on the charters because they were not on “preferred” lists. According to the lawsuit, the lists were supposedly based on sport team preferences. This meant that the assignments were being issued to young, white, blond attendants – with less seniority.

“United created a despicable situation,” the women said in the case, filed at the Superior Court in San Mateo, California. The plaintiffs feel “as if decades of laws and policies preventing discrimination based on age, race, and ancestry, and gender simply do not exist.”

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Feature image: United Airlines Boeing 777-222(ER) N227UA. Photo: Hiro Nishikura