MIAMI — Just five months after the first revenue flight of the Bombardier CSeries CS100 with SWISS, Latvian carrier airBaltic has introduced the CS300 into service today, with a first revenue flight from Riga to Amsterdam.

The jetliner (YL-CSA • MSN 55003) departed today with 120 passengers at 07:09 local time, 19 minutes behind of its scheduled 06:50 departure.

“airBaltic has been counting down the days to this landmark moment. During its maiden commercial flight today, the CS300 aircraft performed beyond our expectations and offered a new level of travel experience for our customers,” said Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer, airBaltic.

Before its official handover to airBaltic on November 28, and its subsequent delivery flight to Riga one day later, the CS300 carried out a series of route-proving flights in Europe and the Middle East, using airBaltic’s air and ground operational practices to assure a smooth initial operational experience.

In order to gain operational experience, the route portfolio for the first aircraft will be mixed, with a set of long routes such as Amsterdam, Munich and Zurich, complemented by shorter hops from Riga to Stockholm, Helsinki, Vilnius and Tallinn.

On November 23, Transport Canada and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted the CSeries the same Type Rating Status, allowing flight crews to transition easily from one aircraft to the other, among other benefits for operators.

Since entering service with SWISS, three CS100s have completed more than 1,600 flights, carrying some 156,560 passengers to 18 destinations.