LONDON – The first Airbus Corporate Jet A320neo has entered the Final Assembly Line at Hamburg today, marking the beginning of what Airbus is calling a “new era” for its corporate jet division.

The plane will feature the largest cabin in its class of corporate jets. With more than 300 A320neos flying around the world, the manufacturer believes the ACJ320neo will be a game changer because of its performance and new cabin configuration.

The first plane on the assembly line currently is to be delivered to UK-based, Acropolis Aviation. The second plane will be delivered towards the end of the year to Swiss company Comlux.

According to Airbus, the ACJ offers up to 15% savings in fuel and increased range, just like the airline version plane.

Longer Range Capabilities

The ACJ320neo can carry up to 25 passengers and fly as far as 6,000 nautical miles for 13 hours of flight.

Such distance is equivalent to a flight from London to Beijing or Cape Town as well as Moscow to Los Angeles.

The ACJ319neo can fly eight passengers and fly up even further to 6,700 nautical miles, offering up to 15 hours of flight.

Enhanced Cabin Offerings

According to Airbus, the ACJ320neo offers a wider and taller cabin to that of the traditional Airbus business jets while having the same ramp-footprint, operating costs, and better residual value as a whole.

The additional center fuel tanks on the aircraft boost the aircraft’s range, and an improved pressurization system allows for a lower cabin-altitude for passenger comfort.


The plane will also come with built-in airstairs for better airport autonomy.

Orders for the entire ACJ family spans at nine aircraft in total, comprising of three ACJ319neos and six ACJ320neos.