FARNBOROUGH – As Day 2 of the Farnborough Air Show comes to a close, we will now reflect on what has been a very busy day for the industry.

The airshow has recorded around $51.4 billion worth of deals today, meaning that the total value of aircraft ordered at the airshow so far this week is at $95.5 billion in total.

With the $98 billion coming from engine service agreements, this shows a $23 billion increase compared to the first two days of the airshow back in 2016.

“I am delighted that the global aerospace industry uses the Farnborough International Airshow as the preeminent platform for doing business and signing major deals,” says Amanda Stainer, Farnborough International Commercial Director.

“The future starts at Farnborough; our exhibition halls are full of innovation that will shape how we fly, enabling us to go further, faster and with less environmental impact.”


Boeing has had a very strong and successful second day at the Farnborough Air Show.

The American manufacturer started the day off with Volga Dnepr, who placed an order for five 747-8Fs and 29 777Fs, giving extra life to the 747 program, but more importantly, an extra commitment to the 777 Freighter program.

PHOTO: Roberto Leiro.

Belavia then joined in on the commercial perspective by placing a leasing deal with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) for four 737 MAX 8s, featuring two firm orders and two additional options.

There was then a break between order announcements when Boeing gave its forecast demand through a comprehensive Commercial Market Outlook presentation.

Randy Tinseth, VP Commercial Marketing, asserted that 42,700 aircraft would be needed over the next 20 years to account for old aircraft retiring and for general fleet renewal as a whole.

Tinseth also claimed that “We have the best selling single-aisle plane in aviation history (737); – The best selling widebody (777); – And the fastest-selling widebody (787) in the industry.”

The orders then continued flowing in with ALC making a staggering deal for 78 Boeing planes.

Out of the 78, only three of them are 787-9s and 75 737 MAXs, valued at around $9.6 billion list prices in total.

GECAS followed on the cargo fun by signing an extra commitment for 35 737-800BCFs, giving the conversion market more leeway to Boeing in terms of market share.

The final 737 order went to Aviation Capital Group who ordered 20 737 MAX 8s at list prices of $2.34 billion.

At last, Vistara closed Boeing’s day with an order for 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

In all, it is a very successful day for Boeing, selling 181 units in total.

They will be looking at potentially more orders, with an insider saying that Day 3 will be just as busy for them hopefully.


For Airbus, it has been the day of Undisclosed Customers.

The European manufacturer started off with an order for eight A350-900s at $2.5 billion from one undisclosed customer.

A second undisclosed order came in for 100 A320neo family aircraft, splitting up to 75 A320neos and 25 A321neos.

PHOTO: James Field.

Eventually, the first disclosed order came in from Peach Aviation, which featured a conversion from two A320neos to two A321LR (Long-Range) variants.

There was a break on orders for their edition of the forecast demand, where Airbus is forecasting the air market to be valued at $4.6 trillion over the next 20 years and are quoting that we could see up to double the amount of aircraft that we currently have in the skies by 2037.

After that announcement, LEVEL came in with an order for two additional A330-200s, which will join a total fleet count of seven aircraft.

The new planes will be delivered next year to the carrier’s Barcelona and Paris-Orly bases.

The final announcement was from an “undisclosed US startup,” presumably Moxy Airlines.

Although the carrier wasn’t disclosed, the press release mentioned about David Neeleman’s new startup in the US, who has been throwing around the Moxy name as of late.

The order was for 60 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, which was similar to that of last week’s JetBlue order.

Overall, Airbus has made deals for 172 planes in total for Day 2, which has been far slower for the manufacturer compared to yesterday.

They gained some ground but not enough to take over Boeing for the day.

Embraer: The Shark Wins

Embraer has completely rocked the airshow today. They had just one media briefing which outlined all of the orders they have received, as well as their overall wrap-up for the trading week.

They started off small with Mauritania Airlines signing up for two E175-E1, as well as NAC signing a Letter of Intent for three E190-E1 aircraft.

An undisclosed customer from Spain was then announced for five E195-E2s, featuring three firm and two additional aircraft for options.

It is rumored to be Air Europa, but that will remain speculative until later confirmed.

After those small orders, the larger quantities started flowing in.

Wataniya Airways comes first, ordering 20 E195-E2s, featuring 10 firm orders and 10 options.

Wataniya previously ordered Airbus aircraft earlier this week to complement both medium haul and short-haul overall.

Swiss carrier Helvetic Airways came in and placed an order for 24 E190-E2s, featuring 12 firm orders and 12 options. This is to replace the overall older fleet of E190s and Fokker 100s that the carrier has already.

Azul Airlines then joined the order fiesta by signing an LOI for 21 E195-E2s, all firm orders.

Then finally, the biggest order for Embraer came from US carrier Republic Airways, who ordered a whopping 200 E175-E1s.

This gigantic order features 100 firm and 100 options. The options are also convertible to the E2 variant.

Overall, Embraer completely stole the show at Farnborough today, having sold the most units, all under one gigantic announcement.

They sold 300 aircraft for list prices of $15.3 billion.

It has been a fantastic start for the E2 project and is good to see that the E1 is working consistently well with the E2 in securing orders.

Day 2 Verdict

With Day 2 being busier than Day 1, it is very unclear what tomorrow will hold. It could ultimately be a quieter day or it could be an even busier day.

With the airshow valuation nearly topping $100 billion into the first two days of trading, it will be without a doubt that we will hit over that figure tomorrow.

With Embraer wrapped up for the trading week, it is now down to Boeing and Airbus to fight it out for the most units in the airshow.

It will be interesting to see whether the A350 and 787 get any more traction because the main focus has been on the narrowbodies such as the 737 MAX and the A320neo.

The shadow casts over Bombardier, which is the only manufacturer of the “big four” to not have secured orders for its CRJ and Q400 product lines.

Even though the old CSeries did score significant orders, these were celebrated at the Airbus chalet as A220 bookings.

However, David Neeleman was seen entering Bombardier’s chalet by the end of the day. Now that he has actively purchased 60 A220 planes for his new US startup, and 21 E195-E2s for Azul… who knows, maybe his buying spree might also benefit Bombardier tomorrow.

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