MIAMI – Back in July 2020, ExpressJet Airlines (EV) lost its last remaining major airline contract with United Airlines (UA), and announced the following month that it would be ceasing operations in September of 2020. On September 30, EV operated what was thought to be the airline’s last revenue flight.

Now, EV’s website has been updated with a statement claiming that the carrier would be moving forward in 2021 to operate as its own airline independent from any of the country’s major airlines, which has been the bulk of its operations for many years.

According to the statement, EV plans to “provide high-quality, reliable, efficient point-to-point flying to small and medium sized cities that have lost service in recent years as a result of US airline industry consolidation and COVID-19 driven route reductions.”

ExpressJet EMB-145XR operated for United Express. Photo: André Du-pont via Wikimedia

Restructuring Operations

Throughout EV’s 33 year history, the carrier has operated under the regional brands of several different of the major airlines in the United States, and also briefly operated under its own brand on the side. Now, it appears the airline will be trying to resurrect their independent flying as its sole mode of operation.

EV’s statement says that its current fleet consists of the Embraer 145 regional jet, likely retained from their time as a United Express carrier. Assumedly, this is what it will relaunch service with.

Although, the carrier made it a point to include in the statement that its air carrier certificate qualifies it to operate the ERJ-135, E170/175/190, and CRJ-200/700/900, all of which EV has flown in the past. These types remaining on the certificate keeps the door open for potential expansion if the relaunch is successful.

ExpressJet’s former house livery from their previous independent operations. Photo: BriYYZ via Wikimedia

Potential Routes for the Relaunch

The statement about the potential relaunch of operations did not include any specifics in terms of routes the carrier was planning to fly. However, it noted that it is “positioned to provide Scheduled Service or Charter flights to much of the United States, Canada and Mexico”.

Included in the operating capability information on EV’s website, an expanded list of destinations are shown as its “route authority.” The US, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Belize, the Dominican Republic, the Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Turks & Caicos are all listed.

It will be interesting to see how the potential relaunch unfolds as more information is released. Stay tuned to Airways for updates as they come out!

Featured image: Wiki Commons