MIAMI – Eurowings (EW), market leader in Dusseldorf (DUS), Berlin (BER), Hamburg (HAM), Stuttgart (STR), and Koln-Bonn (CGN) is preparing to take full advantage of an expected summer 2021 travel restart.

As published on Eurowings NewsCloud, the company press and media center, the German carrier counts on people’s desire to travel, which increases as much as the pandemic extends in time.

The carrier wants to bank on the catch-up effects by travelers who want home holidays and to “visit family and friends” as soon as the travel restrictions are eased thanks to increasingly stronger vaccination campaigns and more simple and faster testing reigimes.

PhotoÑ Fabrizio-Spicuglia/Airrways

Less Competitors on Key Markets

Moreover, EW counts on the fact that strong competitors such as Ryanair (FR) and EasyJet (U2) have abandoned locations where EW has a strong market potential, DUS or STR.

It is also considering the disappearance from the market of holiday travel airlines such as Sun Express Deutschland (XQ) or Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter-LGW (HE).

Photo: marco Macca/Airways

Preparing for an Air Travel Surge

To be prepared for the expected upturn in tourism demand, EW is hiring cabin staff to fill up approximately 130 jobs mainly destined to employees of the Lufthansa Group (LH) that have lost their job because of the current crisis.

EW plans are being prepared to keep in mind the market’s volatile situation in order to be able to rapidly adapt flight operations during the year 2021.

Featured image: Tony Bordelais/Airways