LONDON – The Lufthansa group has announced that from as early as October, Eurowings will get its first-ever presence in Frankfurt.

The news comes after the group’s success with Edelweiss in Zurich and the start of Eurowings’ long-haul services from Munich, which began in summer 2018.

Photo: Marvin Mutz

The additional opening of the new routes from Frankfurt for Eurowings will also be matched with an increase in the number of services from Munich.

The first routes to be offered from Frankfurt will be to popular holiday destinations, starting with Mauritius and Barbados over the airline’s winter schedule, due to begin in October.

The airline also confirmed that routes to Windhoek in Namibia, along with other desitions, are currently being planned.

“Today, Lufthansa Group is already one of the largest holiday travel providers in all of Europe. Demand is increasing rapidly, especially in this area. It is therefore only consistent that we offer an additional product line in Frankfurt and expand our portfolio in Munich,” said Harry Hohmeister, Chief Commercial Officer Network for Eurowings.

“This will help us to further strengthen our position. Lufthansa’s feeder flights and the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich will make it even easier for our passengers to reach the most beautiful places in the world in future,” he said.

The Lufthansa Group has said that the new services out of Frankfurt will allow the two airlines to continue to work hand in hand to provide services to their ever-growing passengers.

Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Eurowings, said that this move into Frankfurt “is the right strategic step for the Group to combine the strengths of its two largest airlines in Frankfurt.”

“Going forward, we will be combining a product tailored to leisure travelers and families and the affordable cost structure of Eurowings with the sales and marketing power of Lufthansa at the Frankfurt location,” he said.

The Lufthansa group will continue leveraging from its ever growing low-cost/long-haul model by feeding it through its strong hub in Frankfurt Airport.