MIAMI – Eurocontrol has published its European commercial air traffic and performance data for week 33 running from August 16 to August 21.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Airline Performance

For the week reviewed, Turkish Airlines (TK) leads the group of European major airlines with 1,333 operated fights and 10% less than in 2019, followed by Air France (AF) with 872, Lufthansa (LH) with 822, KLM (KL) with 730, SAS (SK) with 404, and British Airways (BA) with 349.

In terms of percentage, KL did better than LH with minus 23% compared to minus 46% for the German carrier.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Flights per Country

In terms of flights operated by country, Spain tops the list with 3,855 flights posting minus 28% compared to 2019 and plus 1% when compared to the previous weeks.

Germany is number two with 3805 flights, down 39% in 2019 and no change on previous weeks. France stands third with 3350 flights, down 30% in 2019 and 1% up on previous weeks.

The Top Ten countries end with Switzerland showing the worst results with 949 flights, down by 33% in 2019 but 10% up on past weeks. In terms of percentage, the worst place is taken by the United Kingdom with 54% fewer flights than in 2019.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Network Data

As far as the network is concerned, 172,463 flights were operated, minus 73,482 or 30% compared to 2019. The traffic week-on-week shows a 1.1% increase.

The average number of daily flights stands at 24,638 showing an increase of 266 flights. Ryanair (FR) tops the number of daily flights with 2,321 services operated.

Image: Eurocontrol via Twitter

Market Segments

When compared to 2019, the market segments show positive results for all-cargo operations with an increase of 19% while charter services are down 12%, legacy carriers show a loss of 41% and Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) are doing slightly better with minus 32%.

Article source: Tweets by Eamonn Brennan, Eurocontrol CEO

Featured image: Turkish Airlines Airbus 321-200 TC-TJP. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways