MIAMI – Envoy Air (MQ) needs 200 fleet service clerks at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). It plans to host three hiring events later this month to fill those open positions. The events will take place at the airline’s headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Despite the current industry climate, MQ, the largest wholly-owned regional carrier of American Airlines (AA) operating under American Eagle, is making these hires to combat a shift in COVID-19 operations.

Photo: Kochan Kleps

Comments from Envoy Air

“Dallas-Fort Worth has seen fewer flights, but the operating times of the remaining schedule start earlier and end later than the previous schedule,” said Minnette Vélez-Conty, an Envoy spokesperson. “Also, the peak number of aircraft on the ground at one time increased above the normal schedule. These changes require additional staff to support extended hours.”

In an effort to fill the open vacancies, Envoy will host recruitment activities on October 10, 17, and 31 at its Irving headquarters. In Los Angeles, Envoy has already filled open vacancies, and Vélez-Conty added that “the greatest need is to continue hiring DFW fleet, service clerks.”

There are many work duties for a fleet service clerk, including loading and unloading luggage, cleaning cabin interiors, and moving or towing aircraft. Hiring is now uncommon in the airline world as airport traffic remains 70% lower. Thus, MQ’s job vacancies is a worm welcome for Texas aviation come winter season.

According to, AA and Southwest Airlines (WM) together employ about 43,000 North Texans.

Featured image: Envoy Air