LONDON – EGO Airways (E3), the new fully Italian airline aiming to become a protagonist in European skies, will start regular flights on March 28. 

The start up was born thanks to the alliance of several enterpreneurs, many of whom have a pluriannual experience in the aeronautics sector.

Source: EGO Airways

2021 Flights Schedule

Tickets available from January 7 will cover the annual schedule, active from March 28, 2021,
with a dense calendar of connections involving the airport of FRL, Firenze (FLR), CTA, Parma (PMF), Bari (BRI) e Lamezia Terme (SUF).

Starting from June 4, Cagliari (CAG), Bergamo (BGY) and Roma (FCO) will be added to the just listed destinations.

The flight plan, operated by the two aircrafts Embraer 190, will provide air routes with different frequencies and a greater involvement, as stated, of CTA and FRL Airports, connected to each others twice a day from Monday to Friday, and once a day, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Daily will be the route between CTA and PMF, while flights will depart from Monday to Saturday between CTA and Firenze. BRI’s airport will be connected four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) with PMF, FRL and FLR.

Flights from SUF to FRL, FLR and PMF will be active three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays).

From June 4, moreover, the air routes linking FRL e CAG, on Fridays and Saturdays, and BGY and FCO, with two daily flights, from Monday to Friday, and one per day, on Saturday and Sunday will begin taking off.

EGO Airways Network Scheme. Photo: Sicilia In Volo

EGO Management Structure

The management leader is Matteo Bonecchi, EGO’s CEO, ideator and founder of the company. He will bring to the airline his experienced matured working for Alitalia (AZ), Airbus and Air Europa (UX).

EGO’s COO is Edoardo Antonini, former Boeing Pilot for AZ and UX, while the President is the enterpreneur Marco Busca (partner & vicepresident O.C.P. Group).

O.C.P. Group (Officine Cooperatori Piacentini) is cited as EGO’s main investor. O.C.P. is an investment society founded in 1980 in Piacenza with the goal to develop logistic services and ground transportation. It later diversified in the pharmaceutical sector and it is currently operating in the energetic and AI sector.

Other management positions include Gabriella Vanlamsweerde, Tour Operator Director; Marilena Bisio, Sales Director; Denise Zatti, Marketing Director e Veronica Posteraro, Foreign Alliance Director.

EGO Airways E190 in Naples (NAP). Photo: Giorgio Adamo – @archipilot69

Hub and Aircrafts

The fleet will originally be composed by two Embraer 190 aircraft that will have as main hubs the brand new “Ridolfi” Airport of Forlì (FRL), inaugurated on October 29, and the “Fontanarossa” Airport of Catania (CTA).

The initial aim will be to develop a point-to-point network, linking the strategic cities of the Italian territory, and then strengthen the feeder services from and to Milan Malpensa (MXP), partnering with the main airlines operating at the Lombardian Brescia “Gabriele D’Annunzio” Airport (VBS).

Photo: EGO Airways

Statement from EGO Airways

Marco Busca, E3’ President, said, “More than a year ago, along with my father and the other OCP partners, we decided to invest in E3, strongly convinced of the high growth potentials of this project.”

“A project, that today more than ever, I reckon innovative and winning, as all other realities of the industry have confirmed, and not only, to who we presented it.”

Busca also said, “And now, after these months full of work and commitment, I am first of all proud: proud to have taken on the challenge of a start-up and as well proud of the fantastic team we have created.”

“Thanks to my role of investor, and of president and accountable manager, I am currently involved firsthand in the airline’s operations and I can confirm you that our goal is to bring E3, in 5 yeas, to be a benchmark for the Italian aviation at international level.”

Featured image: EGO Airways E190. Photo: Alberto Cucini – @ac_avphoto