EGO Airways ERJ-190AJ Taxing in Maastricht Photo Jost Gruchel

MIAMI – EGO Airways has decided to halt its presentation for its upcoming start of operations, postponing a press conference scheduled for this week to a later date.

Two weeks ago, the Milan-Malpensa (MXP)-based proposed Italian airline unveiled its network scheme for Summer 2021 when the airline operations are expected to start.

Now, according to the airline, too many problems and a worsening (general) situation convinced the carrier’s management to postpone this week’s presentation. In the meantime, the various technical reviews to obtain the necessary certifications to start operations continue.

Third Time Lucky

The start-up is the latest Italian airline focused on providing feeding flights for traditional carriers serving MXP through Code-Share agreements, providing the service with Embraer E190 and E195 aircraft. However, EGO’s CEO had already made two attempts to launch a new airline, but his Koine Airways and 24 Airways projects never got off the ground.

With this week’s press conference cancelation, it is possible that the whole project will be revised, according to a report by So far, the news outlet reports that the first Embraer aircraft has landed in MXP for technical checks.

EGO Airways ERJ-190AJ Taxing in Maastricht Photo Jost Gruchel