LONDON – Since late 2018, British regional airline, Eastern Airways has not operated any Embraer E-Jet aircraft after it had its two Embraer E170’s withdrawn from use (WFU), but after just over a year hiatus, the aircraft will be making a comeback.

Later this month the airline will be taking delivery of its third-ever E-Jet. The aircraft will be another Embraer E170(LR), LR meaning long-range, which this aircraft has a range of over 1,800 miles.

Eastern is bringing back the E-Jet as it is seeing significant growth in the ad-hoc charter market for 70 to 100-seater jets.

Alongside the E170, Eastern will also be adding three of the larger Embraer E190’s during 2020. The E190’s will offer a larger capacity than the smaller E170.

These four new E-Jets will enable Eastern to shorten its flight times on popular routes such as Norwich to Aberdeen to under an hour and bring European destinations, such as the Mediterranean to just over a two-hour flight.

Commenting on this announcement, Eastern Airways’ General Manager Commercial and Operations, Roger Hage has said, “We are pleased to see the return of the E-Jets to our fleet giving us an entry into new ad-hoc charter and ACMI markets, alongside an option to evolve our scheduled service network, especially as we expand this fleet through the year.”

Eastern Airways already operates a total of 15 aircraft, broken down as, two ATR 72-600’s, eight British Aerospace Jetstream 41’s, two Embraer 145’s and three Saab 2000s. 

This ultimately is a level of success marker for Eastern Airways, who must be doing well operationally if they are bringing back aircraft into its fleet.

However, with current airline volatility peaking into the new decade, it will be interesting to see how strong this pattern remains.

But for now, the airline seems to be focusing very well on the regional routes, and no doubt will launch more European routes, providing it remains steady in a volatile industry.