MIAMI – As carriers phase out parts of their fleets across the board, Eastern Airlines (EA) has decided to expand its fleet by acquiring one used Boeing 777-200ER.

After the last fleet expansion and relaunch of EA with the acquisition of Swift Air, the airline is now ready to expand its fleet more with an old aircraft, 18 years old, owned by Singapore Airlines (SA), among other different operators during recent years.

Before it was sold to EA, the aircraft was mainly used to transport travelers between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage purposes.

The B772ER has the registration code N771KW and it seats 406 in an all economy configuration.

The airplane is currently stored in Victorville, California, to be put into service in the near future. 

PHOTO: RM Bulseco.

Where will the new aircraft operate?

Along with their Boeing 767 already in the fleet, this new Boeing 772 will help EA cover long haul destinations such as Guyana, and Guayaquil, Ecuador; it might also help expand further EA’s network from New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

Moreover, EA might also use the B772ER as a Cargo aircraft in case it needs to.

Although the current period is one if not the worst for the industry, we just have to wait for the next announcements on the future expansion plans for EA’s network, and congratulate the carrier on this remarkable expansion.