European Air Transport Leipzig A330-200F Water Cannon Salute at MIA Photo: Miami International Airport

MIAMI – DHL subsidiary European Air Transport Leipzig (QY) launched an all-cargo flight on October 1 between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Brussels Airport (BRU) set to run five times weekly.

The route follows one operated by DHL Express and Amerijet International (M6), as both began cargo flights between BRU and MIA in March and April, respectively. DHL, which has been expanding a hub at BRU, uses the A330-200F on the route, with some previously coming from Etihad (EY).

It is hoped that such routes will provide crucial transport infrastructure for the potential global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

European Air Transport A330-200F at MIA Photo: Miami International Airport

A Pharma Connection

Combined, there are now 13 weekly flights between the two pharma hubs with both BRU and MIA among the first in the world designated as Pharma Hub Airports by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), certifying that pharma products are transported in accordance with global best practices.

Last year, MIA handled USD$3.7bn in pharma imports and exports with Belgium importing USD$12.7m while being responsible for USD$30.9m in pharma exports.

With 18% of pharma imports at MIA come from Europe and 80% of pharma exports at MIA going to Latin America and the Caribbean by volume, MIA is an important cargo gateway to the Americas.

With 1.9 million tons handled in 2019, MIA Director and CEO Lester Sola said “We proudly welcome EAT Leipzig to MIA, and the significant capacity it brings to our network of European Cargo Service. Air cargo has never been more essential to the wellbeing of our community and our country during this global crisis.”

Sola added, “As the busiest international freight airport in the US, MIA is uniquely positioned to quickly receive and transport life-saving pharma products, vaccines, and medical supplies to markets around the world.”

European Air Transport Leipzig A330-200F Water Cannon Salute at MIA Photo: Miami International Airport.