LONDON – Together, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have launched their joint Summer 2018 schedule which will offer the most nonstop flights that the two carriers have provided between the U.S. and four airports in the U.K. This new schedule will offer 5 million seats between the U.S and the U.K respectively.

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Route additions are as follows for the two carriers:


From London Heathrow, Delta is to resume the only nonstop services from Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City from the UK’s passenger hub. Flights from Salt Lake City will launch from April 1st with Portland services initiating from May 3rd.

Virgin Atlantic is increasing frequencies on their popular Heathrow-JFK route by adding daily service to the route, bringing the total count to six daily and 42 flights weekly. This partnership on the service, in particular, will increase their capacity between the two hubs by up to 6%.

Delta will also be adding Airbus A330 services to London Heathrow from Atlanta and Detroit also.

Delta A330-300. (Credits: jplphoto)


In terms of Manchester, Virgin Atlantic, will be increasing capacity between New York and Manchester and will introduce an additional Boeing 747-400 onto the service starting in May 2018. The carrier will also be reintroducing their seasonal flights to Las Vegas, San Francisco and Boston from the North-Western airport.

Delta will be absent from Manchester whilst Virgin Atlantic operate and replace the American carrier on the routes operated from Manchester previously. It has been known for the Summer and Winter swaps to occur on specific routes.

A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 at Miami International Airport (Credits: Author)

Scotland and Northern Ireland

As for Scotland & Northern Ireland, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic will be kicking off what is being noted as “their biggest ever season to Scotland this summer.” The carrier is going to be offering up to 17 weekly flights from New York JFK and Orlando respectively.

Delta will operate the New York JFK routes from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Virgin Atlantic will be operating flights from Belfast International to Orlando, which will treble the number of seats available from passengers ion the Belfast catchment area.

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All-in-all, Delta, and Virgin will be unveiling a significantly massive portfolio for the Summer season. Virgin Atlantic will have to make up a lot of ground over the Summer as well as for the whole of 2018, especially due to their poor performance results that were announced earlier this week.

As for Delta, they will continue, as usual, aiming to maximize capacity among their expansive fleet as much as possible both across the pond, internationally and also domestically.