Photo: Wikimedia.

MIAMI — Delta has unveiled how its Boeing 777-200(ER/LR) fleet will look like with the new DeltaOne Suites that the Airbus A350-900 inaugurated last year.

All of the 18 Boeing 777-200s in Delta’s fleet will be enhanced and fitted with the Suites as well as the new Delta Premium Select cabin.

Also, the Triple Seven fleet will remain as the most spacious of all in the US marketplace, featuring the broadest Main Cabin seat laid out in a 3-3-3 configuration.

In fact, Delta will be maintaining the nine abreast seating configuration in Economy Class, versus the industry’s standard ten across.

The carrier said that with the nine abreast configurations, they could offer more preferred seat options with more window and aisle seats compared to the ten abreast configurations.

The modified 777s will feature 296 seats in total, offering 28 in DeltaOne, 48 in Delta Premium Select, and 220 in the main cabin.

There will be in-seat IFE throughout the airplane fitted with the airline’s Delta Studio, offering +1,000 of hours of content.

Delta’s first retrofitted 777-200 will enter into service on July 2, according to the airline. The plane will operate flights from Detroit to Beijing throughout July, alternatively swapped with the carrier’s A350, which offers a similar cabin.

The carrier also said that additional route announcements would be made as they receive more of the retrofitted type over the next 12-18 months.

Delta’s average age for their Triple Sevens is at around 13 years, which means that the aircraft still have a lot of life in them before they are sent to the scrapyard.

In this case, Delta can use this as an opportunity to streamline their products more effectively, regardless of the ages of some of the aircraft that they currently have.

The oldest Triple Seven is N860DA, which is aged at 19.3 years. This plane still has another 5-10 years left in the aircraft before retirement is advised.