MIAMI — Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) officials announce that Delta Air Lines will move four gates to Terminal 6 from their current location in Terminal 5, beginning 03:00 PST on Tuesday, January 31. American will move four gates from Terminal 6 to Terminal 5. Delta will operate flights to Denver, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle from Terminal 6. Confused yet?

According to Delta, this is the first step in a $1.9 billion infrastructure project, – one of Los Angeles’ largest investments and public-private partnerships – to build a premier partner hub by upgrading and connecting Terminals 2 and 3 at LAX.

“Continuous improvement is the essence of who we are at Delta, and in 2017 we will stay true to that promise with projects and partnerships that significantly improve the customer experience, such as our $1.9 billion LAX project and our strategic partnership with Aeromexico,” said Ranjan Goswami, Delta’s Vice President – Sales, West. “Big ideas keep us energized, and Delta is more energized than ever as we kick off an important year in 2017 and continue our efforts to be the premier airline in Los Angeles.”

This move comes less than a year after Delta completed a facelift on Terminal 5, which itself was rebuilt back in 1986 at the time of its merger with LA-based Western Airlines.

Starting today in the morning, Delta Air Lines passengers who check in online for their flights and are assigned to Gates 60 through 63, 68A, 68B or 69B, should arrive at Terminal 6. Delta installed eight check-in counters at the west end of Terminal 6 to serve its passengers departing from that terminal.

The Atlanta-based carrier will also use its nine remaining gates in Terminal 5 until it moves to Terminals 2 and 3 in May.

“This project will create the airport experience Angelenos have always wanted. Prior to the proposed project, we will be executing a move involving 22 airlines at LAX to enable co-location with our partners, which is unprecedented, so we’re putting all our resources into planning, preparing, communicating and executing this move as flawlessly as possible for our customers,” Goswami said.

Delta’s move into Terminals 2 and 3 is one in a series of LAX milestones in 2017. This year, Delta expects to close on a Joint Venture with Aeromexico, establishing the largest trans-border alliance between the United States and Mexico, and set to become the largest air service provider between Los Angeles and Mexico.