MIAMI – Delta Air Lines (DL) has announced it is expanding high-speed Internet access onboard its aircraft by the end of 2022, using Viasat satellite services.

As mentioned on a company web post made public on April 27, “the ways we use our personal devices are rapidly evolving,” so “the need for reliable and fast connectivity has never been more important, which is why Delta is outfitting nearly all of its domestic mainline fleet with best-in-class high-speed Wi-Fi.”

DL will initially have installed high-speed (Ka-Band) satellite connectivity in over 300 aircraft by the end of 2021, accelerating the pace to improve its onboard customer experience.

Delta Air Lines N704X Boeing 757-200. Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways

New System ‘Delivers Reliable Connection to Everyone on Board’

“The new Wi-Fi system delivers a reliable and streaming quality connection to everyone onboard – a critical capability for Delta’s vision for the future customer experience,” the post stated, adding that, starting this June, “customers on Viasat-enabled aircraft will have access to enhanced connectivity for a simple and consistent US$8 per flight per device no matter their destination.”

Joining the network will be possible through the new Delta Portal Platform, that will be released this summer.

“With the Delta Portal Platform, customers will be able to connect, purchase, browse and stream from their device of choice. The Delta Portal Platform also gives customers access to free messaging available today and their favorite services at no extra charge. And the platform is built to evolve as customer needs change, with new features planned for later this year,” the post explained.

Delta’s first aircraft equipped with the new Internet service, an Airbus A321ceo, will start its regular services on May 1. Other aircraft, such as A321ceos, Boeing 737-900/757-200, will start the services in June. DL’s vice president of brand experience Byron Merritt reflects the impact of technology in our lives in its company’s decisions.

“Technology and entertainment are key parts of our customers’ lives. By equipping our fleet with enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, we are taking steps to ensure we can adapt to the different ways our customers will use technology during their journey both today and in the future,” Merritt said.

Featured image: Delta Air Lines N363DN Airbus A321-200. Photo: Luke Ayers/Airways