MIAMI — Delta Air Lines broke its own record by transporting 17.7 million passengers in June alone.

The airline claims to have flown this number of passengers through both its mainline and Delta connection flights, wrapping up its second quarter with over 50 million passengers.

Delta notes that in June 2017, it held the record for transporting the most passengers on a single day: 646,000.

However, this month finished on a high note with this all-time record, registering six of the year’s busiest travel days in the airline’s history.

Busiest: Summer, Not Thanksgiving

Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving holiday travel dates are not the busiest, after all. Delta claims that during June, it had six of the busiest travel days of the year.

According to Delta, the airline will be offering the most seats of the year on July 20, system-wide, with over 6,092 flights through its global network.

“We’ve made a commitment to our customers to be a reliability leader, delivering a safe, on-time product and the 80,000 employees of Delta are doing just that,” said Dave Holtz, Delta’s SVP Operations and Customer Center.

“We’re seeing customers fly Delta in record numbers this summer and it’s a resounding testament to the hard work and focus of our employees.”

Less Seats, More Space

Recently, the airline announced that its Boeing 777 fleet will remain as the most spacious of all in the US marketplace, featuring the broadest Main Cabin seat laid out in a 3-3-3 configuration.

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Delta will be maintaining the nine abreast seating configuration in Economy Class, versus the industry’s standard ten across.

Delta Main Cabin – PHOTO: Delta Airlines

The carrier said that with the nine abreast configurations, they could offer more preferred seat options with more window and aisle seats compared to the ten abreast configurations.