LONDON – This week has seen Delta announce it will launch daily non-stop flights from New York JFK to Mumbai, India from December 22 this year.

The flight will be operated by the Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, which Delta has recently refurbished with all-new Delta One Suits, Premium Economy and Economy class cabins.  

Delta originally flew this very route between 2006 and 2009, however, it axed the route in 2009, blaming the Middle Eastern 3 (ME3), who are all owned by its respective states, for making it unsustainable.

The ME3 have a considerable amount of market share in the Mumbai area for flights going international.

Delta says the resumption of the service has been made possible thanks to the involvement of the US government, who has forged new open-skies agreements with the Governments of Qatar & U.A.E. Both countries own its national airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates.

The flight will depart New Your JFK at 9:15 local time, arriving into Mumbai the next day at 10:50 pm local time.

The return flight will depart Mumbai at 12:50 am, before touching down back in New York at 6:35 am.

Ed Bastian, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said this in regards to the launch, “Delta’s nonstop service between New York and Mumbai is the latest example of our international growth as we strive to connect the world better than any other airline.”

He added, “This route would not be possible without the administration’s ongoing efforts to enforce fair competition in international travel, ensuring that consumers enjoy a wide range of choices as they travel the globe.”

Peter Carter, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer also said, “Subsidies pose a serious threat to American workers. Every long-haul route lost or foregone to subsidized Middle East carrier competition costs more than 1,500 American jobs, so we are pleased to bring this route back into service thanks to landmark agreements the Trump administration reached with Qatar and the U.A.E.”

It’s great to see Delta relaunch this route, after serving it 10 years ago.

This is just another part of the airline’s international growth plans over the next few years, it will be interesting to see where they announce new flights to next.