Photo: Delta Air Lines

MIAMI – Delta Air Lines (DL) announced yesterday evening that it would be sending notices to roughly 2,500 Pilots regarding possible furloughs.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed that “In an effort to best prepare our Pilots should furloughs be needed, Delta will send required notices to approximately 2,500 Pilots.”

With these developments today, the likelihood of furloughs at DL is becoming more and more likely.

Photo: Delta Air Lines

Not out of the woods just yet

These notices come just weeks after the airline reported they would be shuffling 7,000+ Pilots to different aircraft and bases to counter the massive drop in demand.

The re-organizing also came with the slim possibility of furloughs for 2,300; however, the airline was optimistic that this could be avoided.

The travel industry is slowly coming back to life; however, most airlines are not out of the woods yet, and DL seems to be one of them.