MIAMI — Delta Air Lines and fashion designer Zac Posen have unveiled the carrier’s new uniform collection today, which will be worn by more than 60,000 front-line employees.

Lands’ End will manufacture and supply the uniforms for above-wing airport customer service ticket and gate agents, Delta Sky Club and In-Flight Service employees, as well as the “below-wing” staff that includes airport customer service, Delta cargo, ground service equipment maintenance and Delta TechOps employees.

Delta’s last uniform update was in 2006 for above-wing employees and 2000 for below-wing employees.

“The world’s best employees deserve the best uniforms and this new collection is classically influenced, yet modern,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO. “Zac and the Delta team worked closely with our people to create timeless and fashionable pieces that reflect the thoughtful and innovative spirit of Delta.”

Zac Posen partnered directly with Delta employees from nearly every workgroup to design the collection, developing a functional wardrobe fit for Delta’s diverse employee group and the environments where they work, while fusing a contemporary line with bold color palettes and classic styles, while paying homage to the heritage and iconic design from decades past to elevate the look and brand of Delta employees.

“We wanted Delta employees to look glamorous on the job without sacrificing functionality and style,” said Posen. “I worked alongside employees to understand how they interact with the clothes they wear and developed a look that empowers and excites, because we want Delta’s global workforce to exude the confidence and thoughtfulness that reflects the airline’s brand.”

Following the reveal, Lands’ End will begin crafting the final prototype for the airline’s 1,000 wear testers, who will sport the uniforms in December through March 2017. The wear testers will identify any changes to improve fit, form or function before the final garments.

The collection is set to roll out in early 2018.