MIAMI – Debris has been found on an Australian beach, possibly belonging to Malaysia Airlines (MH) flight 370, according to reports. On Monday, October 5, a fisherman in Queensland discovered wreckage that had washed ashore.

According to the Mirror, Mick Elcoate initially thought the debris may have been part of a trim tab of an aircraft, or even a boat rudder. However, after posting photographs of the wreckage online in an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Facebook group, Elcoate received a number of replies suggesting that the wreck could possibly be from the missing B777-200ER.

This has not yet been confirmed by officials. A number of other pieces of wreckage have washed up in various locations within the last few years, but the aircraft’s “black box” containing both the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder remains missing.

Photo: Daily Star.

What Happened?

On March 8, 2014, MH370 took off from Kula Lumpur, headed to Beijing. Less than two hours after takeoff, the plane was no longer visible on radar. The incident culminated in the largest international search for a missing aircraft on record. A total of 14 countries, 43 ships, and 58 aircraft participated in the search. All 227 passengers and 12 Crew are presumed to have perished in the crash.

While the case of the crash remains unknown, there have been many theories as to what brought down the aircraft. The most likely scenario, according to Malaysian officials, is that the plane crashed as a result of a mass-murder suicide on the part of one of the Pilots.

Featured image: Malaysia Airlines B777-200ER(9M-MRO). Photo: Wiki Commons.