Photo: Boran Pivcic

MIAMI – Croatia Airlines (OU) announced today that in the first week of July, the company will increase the number of frequencies on numerous international routes.

The Croatian national carrier has gradually returned routes halted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This signal is very important for the market, as the tourism to Croatian Summer spots, beloved by many European citizens, had a surge in bookings from OU, making it increase its operations.

Below are the new OU routes for Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik airports.

Photo: Daniel Veronesi


Zagreb – Frankfurt-am-MainMON-SUN four times a day
TUE-WED-THU-FRI three times a day
SAT two times a day
Zagreb – CopenhagenDaily
Zagreb – AmsterdamDaily
Zagreb – MunichDaily
Zagreb – SarajevoDaily
Zagreb – ZurichTwice a Day
Zagreb – DubrovnikTwice a Day
Zagreb – SplitTwice a Day
Zagreb – BrusselsWED – FRI two a time day
MON – TUE – THU – SUN once a day
Zagreb – Paristhree times a week
Zagreb – Londonthree times a week
Zagreb – Dublinthree times a week
Zagreb – Viennathree times a week
Zagreb – Romefour times a week
Zagreb – ZadarMON to FRI one per day
SUN twice per day
Zagreb – PulaMON to FRI one per day
SUN twice per day
Zagreb – BračTUE – SAT one per day
Photo: Daniel Veronesi


Split – CopenhagenOnce a week (SAT)
Split – LondonOnce a week (SAT)
Split – ViennaOnce a week (SAT)
Split – ParisOnce a week (SAT)
Split – Frankfurtfive times per week
Split – Munichthree times per week
Split – Zurichthree times per week
Split – OsijekOnce a week (FRI)
Photo credit: A Grubelic/Croatia Airlines


Dubrovnik – DusseldorfOnce per week
Dubrovnik – ZurichOnce per week
Dubrovnik – FrankfurtMON-WED-FRI-SUN
Dubrovnik – OsijekTHU