LONDON – Condor Airlines (DE) will be taking off from Frankfurt (FRA) in winter 2021/22 to 20 long-haul destinations, including twelve destinations in the Caribbean. Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Grenada, Tobago and San Juan in Puerto Rico are also on the schedule.

in addition, DE will carry out some Winter flying to Seychelles and the Maldives, the Mauritius and South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

Condor Airlines Airbus A320-212 reg. D-AICH on final at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Flight Schedule

The 2021/22 winter schedule will be in effect from November 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022 and as follows from FRA:

  • Las Vegas (USA) : Thursday,
  • SundaySeattle (USA): Monday, Thursday, Saturday,
  • Cancun (Mexico): daily
  • Havana (Cuba): Monday, Thursday
  • Varadero (Cuba): Tuesday, Friday
  • Holguin (Cuba): Sunday
  • Montego Bay (Jamaica): Saturday
  • Puerto Plata (Dom. Republic): Wednesday
  • Punta Cana (Dom. Republic): Daily
  • Santo Domingo (Dom. Republic): Wednesday, Sunday
  • Barbados: Tuesday, Friday
  • Grenada: Friday
  • Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago): Tuesday
  • San Juan (Puerto Rico): Saturday
  • Seychelles (Indian Ocean): Friday
  • Mauritius (Indian Ocean): Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Male (Maldives): Monday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Cape Town (South Africa): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Mombasa (Kenya): Wednesday, Sunday
  • Zanzibar (Tanzania): Wednesday, Sunday

Featured image: Condor 767-300 New Logo. Photo: Condor Airlines