MIAMI – Condor Flugdienst (DE) has made its choice on how to modernize its fleet by selecting the last generation Airbus A330-900 with an order of 16 of the high efficiency and customer comfort aircraft.

Airbus will start delivering the A330neo, dubbed the two-liter aircraft, by Autumn 2022 with a pursuing plan to replace the entire DE long-haul fleet by mid-2024, a decision already underwritten by the carrier’s supervisory board. DE will be the launch customer for the A330-900, whose nickname stems from the 2.1lt per passenger/kilometer fuel burn and shall be the first German operator of this aircraft on long-haul flights.

Condor will be flying the A330-900 on services to the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia offering an Airbus Airspace cabin, the latest in-flight entertainment system, and connectivity. The aircraft is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 power plants, has a new increased span wing, and A350-like winglets.

Condor Flugdienst Airbus A320-200 D-AICH – Photo : Marco Macca/Airways

High Efficiency and Commonality

The aircraft is presented as having a high efficiency showing a 25% decrease in fuel consumption and emissions per seat/km when compared to similar older generation competing types. The advanced performances will also contribute to De’s efforts for sustainability and to reduce CO² emissions.

Another advantage for DE, which will be operating A320 and A330neo side by side, is the commonality between the two types and the flexibility the dual operations will bring to DE.

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Condor A320. Photo: Jonh Leivaditis/Airways

Comments from Officials

Ralf Teckentrup, CEO of DE, welcomed the arrival of the new aircraft by saying, “We are introducing the two-liter aircraft into our operations and will be setting new standards: with our modern long-haul fleet, we will inseparably combine sustainability and holidays with Condor in the future. Onboard the quietest cabin in the world on an aircraft of this size, our guests can also expect the highest level of comfort in a brand new Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class.”

Christian Scherer, Airbus CCO and Head of International, commented on DE choice by stating, “Condor excels in operating profitably many routes no other carrier is able to. We are proud to see a demanding airline such as Condor selecting our latest-technology A330neo as the aircraft of choice, building the future of their widebody fleet in the relentless pursuit of lowest operating costs and passenger comfort.”

Update – New majority stakeholder

The order for 16 Airbus 330-900 was followed by another announcement by DE that officialized Attestor, a European assets manager, as the new majority stakeholder of the carrier.

Attestor has acquired control of 51% of DE shares and has gained approval from the anti-trust authority and EU Commission that, at the same occasion, approved state aid to support the acquisition. The EU decision cleared the way for Attestor to invest US$2137m (€200m) in fresh equity capital plus a US$297m (€250m) to be invested in DE fleet modernization.

Comments from CEOs

Ralf Teckentrup, DE CEO, welcomed and thanked the arrival of Attestor in the airline capital and said: “The future of Condor begins today: Attestor will be a strong majority shareholder who will not only keep all 4,050 jobs at Condor and Condor Technik, but will also set the company’s financial direction.”

Condor Boeing 757-300 D-ABOG – Photo : Pablo Gonzales/Airways

He went further on by adding “With the fresh equity capital Condor is in a strong financial position to quickly ramp-up flight operations and meet growing demand. And we will also be able to concentrate on projects such as the modernization of our long-haul fleet. We will do this with the same passion that we used to steer Condor through the crisis during the past 22 months.”

Friedrich Andreae, the Head of Private Investments at Attestor, also commented by saying “Now that anti-trust and state-aid approval has been issued, Condor can apply all of its energies again to flying into a successful future. We at Attestor are very pleased to accompany a proud airline like Condor on this journey. We believe in the strong brand, the competitive business model, and the attractive market segment of touristic travel.”

He went on to state that Attestor believed in the “strong team behind DE”, the reason behind Attestor’s significant investment in DE. He concluded by saying: “By doing so, we are laying the foundation for Condor to establish itself as a strong second carrier in the important German domestic market and as a leading leisure airline in Europe.”

Article and update sourced on Condor Press releases

Featured image: Condor Airbus A330-900. Photo: Airbus Media